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Unit of Human Rights Protection and Public Freedom

The National Centre gives care and special attention and to human rights and public freedoms, and it is a private, non-governmental, non-profit civil institution that operates objectively and
independently with no loyalty to any party. It is a scientific and intellectual body that aims to promote the values ​​of justice, equality and human rights, committed to all international charters, conventions and the United Nations' universal declaration of human rights. The Center is keen to promote awareness of human rights through various activities, training courses, intellectual gatherings, archive files, publications, newsletters and reports.
The Centre is one of the supervisory, investigative and monitoring tools used in conducting research and studies, receiving and following up complaints, recording violations and misbehavior made by security institutions or jails or other public or private corporations.
It works to reduce any harm or mischief affecting all parties for the sake of the public welfare and to build a community of justice and equality. This task is based on the rule " Support your brother whether he is wrongful or wronged; if he is wronged then help him and try to relieve him from oppression and if he is wrongful advise him and prevent him from continuing to be unjust and wrong.
Being an independent entity that is not affiliated to any official institution, the Centre measures strongly enhance and support human freedom and dignity and disseminate the principles and culture of human rights among people by holding seminars, courses and legal workshops. The Centre also works to address all the complaints and violations of human rights affecting all residents in Jordan (whether he is a man, woman or child) and protect all marginalized groups.
TheCentre in much interested in building a state of law, justice and sovereignty to secure a political, civic, economic, social, cultural and vivid intellectual life based on protection and justice.

Regarding neutrality and objectivity they are derived from enhancing human rights system, which is protected by Allah Almighty to Man and was an inspiration for the Mankind to depend on. All constitutional amendments made ​​on the Jordanian Constitution regarding human rights , freedom, dignity , freedom of opinion and the media and no arrest or detention of any individual except by the text of the law.It is a must to treat people on the rule of that the suspect remains innocent unless there is an evidence that he is guilty.
This Centre is a fruit of intensive national efforts which involve respect for public freedoms, and it serves as a cornerstone in the civil society institutions, to support the course of human rights and public freedoms. Jordan has a respectable and prominent international position in relation to respecting universal charters, conventions and rights that are in line with the Universal Declaration Human of Rights.