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Unit for Women Affairs and Women Protection against Violence

:Our vision
Build up a society that is free of all forms of discrimination against women, and enable women to enjoy all the rights in all fields

:Our goal
Support the rule of the law to achieve justice for women in Jordan and combat any act of violence against women.

This is one of the most important Units as it works to strengthen the principle of the law that treats women fairly and ensures equality and justice for all individuals in the society without discrimination. The Centre's strategy is based on two-dimension framework: Providing protection and combating violence against women, in a way that ensures women's right to live and maintains their dignity .This protection is secured for women from all ages, regardless of social or legal status, race or religion.
Women protection is represented in the following:
 Protecting women from verbal violence: Avoid using abusive or offensive to humiliate women.
 Protecting women from physical violence: Prevent any assault that hurts women physically.
Defending women from psychological violence: Stop any act that affects women's self-confidence and causes a sense of humiliation.
 Protecting women from sexual violence: Protecting women against sexual practices, verbal or implicit abuse.
Defending women from sexual harassment: This is a form of sexual violence, which relates to sexual behaviors placed on women.
 Protecting women against trafficking and prostitution: To defend women from abuse, slavery or the removal of their body organs in any form.
Defending women from forced marriages: Prevent forcing women to marry through the power of their parents.
8- Protecting women from family violence: Save women from all act made by any member of the family to deprive them from their main rights such as shelter, food, drink, self-determination, and security.
 Defending women from the so-called family honor by killing females.
 Protecting women from violence between spouses: It includes all forms of violence or deprivation of all rights placed by the husband against the wife.
 Protecting women from rape: Prevent any sexual infringement on women.
 Securing employment and guarantee women participation in decision-making.
 Development of a surveillance system to monitor the commitment of national institutions and governmental towards women protection.
 Setting mechanisms to identify the roles of the official and non-official institutions in dealing with violence actions placed on women.
 Develop a Charter to monitor violence actions against women.
 Meeting the requirements of the women's complaints without discrimination.
 Setting a program for the freedom of female prisoners and work for their release.
Setting a program to protect detained women prisoners: Arranging visits and organizing guidance lectures for them.- Issuing a draft for female prisoners' children: Provide necessary protection for their children regarding their cultural, social and economic conditions.
 Protecting women in orphanages and care homes.
- Defending women in elderly home care centres.
 Protecting women role at the centres of special needs centers and following up their cases.
 Sponsoring creative women in the fields of sports, culture and intellectual work.

Providing necessary psychiatric care through support of private and public medical follow-up and psychological and social care.

Raising awareness through workshops, seminars and training programs.
 Work through all institutions, ministries and universities to implement guidance and advisory programs.
 Stressing the Unit's commitment through the Centre to publish statistics, statements and release reports regarding women protection.