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Unit of Marginalized Groups

Protecting all marginalized groups including women, children, elderly people, healthy or sick people , people with special needs and those affected with wars. Any marginalized person suffers from the society's cruelty and oppression.
This Unit performs its tasks through various divisions including:
1-Social Care Division:
This program comprises various programs:
- Orphans' sponsorship
- Sponsorship of the poor, the needy and their families.
- Providing care for unprivileged children.
- Securing care for the marginalized group.
- Program of emergency relief.
- Educational care program.
- Health care program.
- Sport care program.
- Cultural care program.
- Religious care program.
- Community development program.
- Family violence program.
- Program for people suffering from autism.
- Program for people with special needs.
- Program for the elderly people.

All the above mentioned programs work within the program of protection to offer financial and in-kind aids and grants and carry out all tasks.